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Phoenix Music Competition 2021 - Rules and Regulations

Phoenix Music Competition 2021


Terms and Conditions


  1. General Background. This competition is organized by Ricardo Matosinhos, teacher and author of all the etudes (7 Duos) mandatory to competition, and Kerry Turner and Kristina Mascher-Turner, publishers at Phoenix Music Publications. The main purpose of this competition is to give the horn players the opportunity of doing chamber music in one of our favorite settings, the horn duo. The horn has a beautiful sound when played alone, but it acquires wonderful new possibilities when played as a duo, something that can easily explain why historically the horn is played in pairs.
  2. Eligibility. This competition is open to all horn players of all nationalities. No age limit or educational background is required.
  3. Application. To apply, candidates only have to access the website and fill in the application form, as well as submit a video performance of one of the required etudes (7 Duos by Matosinhos) on YouTube, before midnight May 15th, 2021. Although the application form requires the candidates’ names, nationalities and email addresses, the last will not be released to the public, but only used to notify the competitors about the final results of the competition.
  4. Procedure. The competition consists of two rounds. For the first round, All competitors must record a duo etude written by Ricardo Matosinhos and published by Phoenix Music Publications from the book: 7 horn duos

The video recording should be uploaded on as public or unlisted. As a simple identification it must contain a description as follows: number and name of the chosen duo, the name of the group (optional), the candidates names and nationalities and a reference to the competition.

Example: R. Matosinhos 7 Horn Duos, n.1 Wild Hunt participation video of [optional name of the group]  Name of the Candidates, Nationality, to Phoenix Music Competition 2021".


The videos URL must also be included in the online application form to be found at


  1. Video Requirements. Each competing group (duo) is required to purchase one copy of each of the pieces they are performing. This will be verified by the sales records at Phoenix Music Publications. If the candidates already own copies, they should display the music in the video. The recordings must be unedited, played from start to finish in one go. Participants are of course free to record the pieces as many times as they like before submitting the recording. The sound quality of the submitted video must be sufficient that a clear judgement of the quality of the playing is possible. Entries not meeting all of these requirements will be eliminated from the competition and are not eligible for prizes. Judgement of these requirements will be made by the organizers and is not subject to appeal.
  2. Video Copyright. During the competition, all the videos uploaded on YouTube are subject to free copyright license. Once the competition is over, these can be kept freely online. Any video uploaded to YouTube before, during or after the competition should respect the copyright laws as well as all other laws. Any infringement of the copyright laws in the videos submitted is solely the responsibility of the person submitting the video. The organization takes no responsibility for infringements or violations of any laws occurring in submitted videos.
  3. Limitations. Each competitor is free to participate with as many recordings of different duos as they wish. This increases the chances of winning. However only one duo is allowed per video recording and each competitor may submit only one recording per duo.
  4. Selection. All entries for the 1st Round will be evaluated by the organizers of the competition and will be selected for the following round of judging based on a required minimum performance quality to be determined by the organizers. This judgement is final and is not subject to appeal.

The second round will consist of a recording on YouTube of a newly composed duo by Kerry Turner called "Ghost Dance," written specifically for this competition. This piece will be available for as a PDF download through Phoenix Music Publications.

-Finalists for the second round will be announced on May 31st at which time they have 15 days, until June 15th, to submit their recording for the final round. Winners will be announced on June 30th 2021.

  1. Jury: The composition of the jury:
    • DeniseTryon
    • Karl Pituch
    • Kerry Turner
    • Kristina Mascher-Turner
    • Ricardo Matosinhos



  1. Announcing the winners. Winners will be contacted via personal emails from the organizers on June 30th, 2021 as well as announced via postings on Facebook and other social media sites. By submitting their entries, the candidates grant the organizers the right to publish their names in connection with prizes they obtain.
  2. Prizes. There will be only one prize per competitor allowed. If one competitor scores more than one best rated video, he or she will only receive one prize and the next placed competitor will receive the following prize. All the participating Duos will be eligible for a separate special prize to be awarded, even if they aren’t selected for the final round.
  3. Ties. If two contestants get the same number of votes, the organizers will decide which candidate receives the prize. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  4. Further Rules. Any situation that arises that is not covered by these rules will be judged and ruled upon by the organizers. Decisions by the organizers are final and binding and cannot be appealed.
  5. Binding. By entering the competition, the participant or candidate agrees to and is bound by the rules of this competition as well as any decisions the organizers make in regard to the interpretation of these rules.
  6. Announcements. Announcements of developments or changes in the competition will be made via the internet site The organizers are not required to contact individual participants should any announcements be necessary.




All application forms and videos for the 1st Round must be submitted before midnight, May 15th, 2021.

Finalists will be announced on May 31st, 2021.

Finalists must submit their videos for the final round before midnight June 15th, 2021.

Winners will be announced on June 30th, 2021.

Note: These dates and times are based on Brussels Local Time (GMT + 1:00)



All competitors, winners or not, will receive written feedback for each performance from the composers Kerry Turner and Ricardo Matosinhos. This feedback will be written in English.


1st Prize

- A horn duo piece written by Mr. Ricardo Matosinhos dedicated to the 1st prize winners.

- Two autographed copies of The Horn Calls you back! For 2 horns and piano, by Ricardo Matosinhos

- Two horn mutes by Gr Brass Mutes

- A certificate stating the prize achieved.


2nd Prize

- Two autographed copies of  'TWAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, for Two Horns and Organ, by Kerry Turner.

- A certificate stating the prize achieved.


3rd Prize

- Two autographed copies of the Virtuoso Horn Duo CD "Turner Complete Works for Horn Vol. 1

- A certificate stating the prize achieved.


Random participant prize

- Two autographed copies of the Four Duets for Horns by Kerry Turner