Jazztets 4 Horns, Set #1

by Steve Schaughency

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It’s been over 50 years since hornists were first introduced to Lowell Shaw’s wonderful Fripperies. Most of us have played and enjoyed them with friends and colleagues. They are something that connects as hornists, even to players that are new to us or players we haven’t even met yet. For many, they were our first experience playing chamber music written in a jazz style. Proof that horns too can play in this genre of music.

Jazztets are not meant to be a continuation or modification or improvement of Fripperies. They are intended to help hornists step further through the door that has already been opened to us. Jazztets are written in a harmonic, melodic and rhythmic language in tune with the jazz music of today. Many of them are written on chord changes of existing modern jazz standards. They will hopefully enthuse, educate and broaden horizons, as well as provide more possibilities for chamber music concerts, recitals or informal quartet sessions. The hope is that they will be musically satisfying, a bit challenging, but most of all, enjoyable to play. 

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Horn Quartet




Phoenix Music Publications




Steve Schaughency


4 Horns


A4, Parts A3

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