New Wine in Old Bottles

for 2 Natural Horns and Percussion

by Jeffrey Agrell

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Composer’s Notes on New Wine…

Horn players often play music of bygone eras on modern instruments.
The impulse to write this piece came from turning it around: what if we played contemporary music on instruments from the classic era?
A contemporary sound was relatively easy to achieve once I hit on the idea of using natural horns in different keys – simultaneously.
Three intervals are used for three different flavors of polytonality:

Movement 1, Hunt: A whole step (horns in F and Eb)
Movement 2, Dance: A half step (horns in F and E)
Movement 3, March: A minor third (horns in F and D)

For some extra spice on top of this, I added an assortment of percussion instruments to the mix.
Have fun!

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 626546306 × 21 × 29,7 cm

Jeffrey Agrell

Year Published



A4, Parts A3


Phoenix Music Publications


2 Natural Horns, Toms, Snare Drum, Wood Blocks, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Glokkenspiel



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Multi Media

Since 9/11/2001, there is a whole new generation reaching maturity who were either not alive at the time of this defining moment of the 21st century, or were running around in diapers. Although they are familiar with the event, it is not likely that they realise the immense emotional impact it had on the world.

In order to bring home the emotional intensity of these attacks, we have compiled under Fair Use compliance a series of photos which can be projected during a performance of September Elegy, creating a multi-media experience. This is guaranteed to deeply impact any audience with the devastating immensity of the day, and hopefully indirectly explain the events that followed. Even for generations who lived through the reporting of these events, memories will be refreshed with the horrors of this infamous day.

An example of this multi-media presentation can be seen by following the following link, based on Jeffrey Snedeker’s CD recording of the piece: The cd is available here.

The photos are available as a Power Point Slide Show featuring photos of the attack on the twin towers. We believe that this multi-media approach will immensely enhance the performance and the emotional impact of the piece. The Power Point file is fully editable to adapt to your own vision and needs.

You can watch our version below:


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