The Minstrel and the Knight for 2 Horns Op. 90b (pdf)

by Kerry Turner

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Once upon a long time ago, two men met on a bridge. One was a traveling minstrel and the other was a noble knight. Both men were in service of the king. The minstrel was the king’s entertainer and the knight was his defence. The knight stood for chivalry, high moral and ethical ideals as well as an unquestioning loyalty to all things courtly. The minstrel sang bawdy songs of love and erotic exploits, and cleverly exposed the hypocrisy of the court. After a lively discourse and exchange of ideas, the two men go their separate ways. The composer completely imagined this curious meeting of the ancient days of yore. This piece is a unique musical picture of a scenario which could have very easily taken place. 

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Kerry Turner


2 Horns


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