Three Movements for Four Horns op.48 – (pdf)

by Kerry Turner

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The Three Movements for Four Horns was composed at the request of numerous horn enthusiasts who sincerely wished to read, practice, and perform the many works for horn quartet by Kerry Turner, but who either due to lack of rehearsal time or actual ability, have not been able to do so. This work could serve as a preparation for the Quartets 1-4, as well as the Casbah of Tetouan and Fanfare for Barcs. It will also help horn players familiarize themselves with the writing and style of the composer. The Three Movements were conceived of as a complete work and may be so performed, or as individual movement pieces. They are technically somewhat easier, utilizing a smaller range and being less tiring than the aforementioned quartets. The harmonic language is also more in line with Quartet no. 1. Composed in Mechelen, Belgium; Lucca, Italy; Luxembourg; and Amsterdam between May 2002 and September 2003.

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