Improvisation for Brass Quintet

by Kerry Turner

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Improvisation for Brass Quintet

“Improvisation for Brass Quintet” was chosen as the title because of the circumstances in which the piece was written.  I was doing quite a lot of traveling at the time of receiving the commission by the Loraine Brass Quintet. Therefore I didn’t always have access to a piano or keyboard.


During the month of April 1998, I had several different motives bouncing around in my head. The opening theme (the listesso tempo after letter A), the motive in the treble voices at letter B and the subsequent fugue theme were all basically decided. I just needed to weave them all together in some sort of a coherent form. I had also decided that, with a bit of luck, the natural progression and development of these themes could evolve into a very nice B section melody (the Andante Cantabile after letter H).


With this plan, and five days to kill in Chicago, I set about composing the quintet. Because I was traveling, I did not have any sort of keyboard instrument at my disposal. I quite literally had to improvise and hope for the best. About 2 weeks later, I found myself on a flight to Melbourne, Australia via Singapore, where I had planned to stop over for two days. It was on this flight that I had the idea for the ending (approximately letter M to the end). So the first morning in Singapore I spent tagging on that part of the piece.


If a jazz musician needs to improvise a solo during a number, he invents variations on the song being played. He then spontaneously adjusts the themes and harmonies to fit his own style, mood and capabilities. That is more or less, exactly what I have done with this piece, hence the name “IMPROVISATION”.

Brass Quintet

Improvisation for Brass Quintet was commissioned in 1998 by the Quintette de Cuivre de Loraine for quintet comprised of two trumpets, two trombones and a bass-trombone. The adjustments to fit a conventional brass quintet were done by the composer.

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Brass Quintet




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Brass Quintet


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