La Diosa del Lago (Teo Michi Cihualli)

for Clarinet, Horn and Violincello

by Kerry Turner

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Teo Michi Cihualli, the ancient Aztec goddess, known in Spanish as La Diosa del Lago, is the guardian of Lake Chapala in Jalisco. The local indigenous tribes have always known Michi Cihualli. For centuries the lake people have seen her provide them with an abundance of fish. But they have also seen her appear before them in the form of a giant waterspout. To this day, these waterspouts still occur regularly, aconstant reminder of the true spirit of the lake. She reminds the inhabitants of the Lake Chapala region that they should always respect Mother Nature.

Listen to the song of the Aztec, played on the clarinet. Hear the Goddess of the Lake arise from the deep, portrayed by the horn and cello. Visualise the waterspout swirling up to the clouds above lake Chapala. Experience the joyous and worshipful dance of the “Indigenos” as they give thanks to Teo Michi Cihualli.

Teo Michi Cihualli, for clarinet, horn, cello and perscussion instruments, was commissioned by Nancy Joy and “Trio Enchantment” and composed in March, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium.

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Kerry Turner


Cello, Clarinet, Horn

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Phoenix Music Publications

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